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The Many Benefits of Telehealth

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, telehealth systems play a key role in keeping you healthy and safe at home. As nationwide stay-at-home orders continue, visiting our providers over a video conference on your laptop or via the phone provides continued access to high-quality care. With zero transportation time and no need to take off work, telemedicine enables you to meet with our OB/GYNs in the comfort and safety of your home.

The role of telemedicine in health care

Capital Women’s Care is at the forefront of gynecologic and obstetric telemedicine. Our highly skilled and compassionate OB/GYNs, Dr. Andrea Williams, Dr. Sandra Caskie, Dr. Michele Berkeley, and Dr. Alexis Light offer telemedicine visits for established patients in and around Arlington and McLean, Virginia. 

During these uncertain times, you can count on telemedicine for patient-centered continuity of care. 

Telehealth visits can:

Because telemedicine helps patients maintain their health goals and manage conditions at home, telemedicine patients have fewer hospital admissions and spend fewer days in the hospital when they are admitted.

Gynecological telemedicine

Maintaining a partnership with an OB/GYN is important for all women. Even if you’re in excellent health, a checkup with your provider is vital to maintaining optimal health. 

If you have a condition, it’s crucial to keep regular appointments with your doctor at Capital Women’s Care. You can schedule a telemedicine appointment for the following gynecological issues: 

Obstetrics telemedicine

Regular pregnancy-related visits help expectant moms have the healthiest pregnancy possible. 

If you’re already an established patient with us, you can schedule a telemedicine visit for things like:

A positive pregnancy test

Telemedicine offers women who have a positive pregnancy test and are under 7 weeks pregnant the convenience of scheduling their first visit via telemedicine. For patients who are seven weeks and above, we can schedule your initial visit in conjunction with an ultrasound in our office.

Monitoring preeclampsia

In-person physical exams are needed to manage pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, which is high blood pressure that occurs during pregnancy. However, if sudden high blood pressure symptoms such as headaches and blurred vision should arise, a telemedicine visit to discuss these issues is helpful.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes requires careful monitoring to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible. Frequent check-ins with your obstetrician help us monitor your condition to ensure the effectiveness of your current treatment plan. Telemedicine appointments provide a convenient way to stay on top of your condition.

Postpartum depression

Staying connected with your provider is essential for women experiencing postpartum depression. Convenient access to our experts is a vital part of perinatal care. Telemedicine helps ease the burden of travel and gives new mothers one less thing to worry about. Frequent remote check-ins to discuss postpartum depression symptoms and concerns enables your OB/GYN to monitor your condition.

Telemedicine complements traditional face-to-face visits, and it’s revolutionizing health care. Our providers at Capital Women’s Care are dedicated to helping you stay healthy. We have offices in Arlington and McLean, Virginia. Call the office nearest you to schedule a remote visit with Dr. Andrea Williams, Dr. Sandra Caskie, Dr. Michele Berkeley, Dr. Alexis Light, or nurse midwife Gaither Smith. You can also click the online scheduling tool to request an appointment right now.

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