Your Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Pregnancy is a trying (and exciting!) time no matter what season it is, as your body undergoes an incredible amount of change to accommodate a growing life. As the burden increases, the summer season can present a particularly difficult hurdle as you try and keep yourself comfortable and relaxed.

At Capital Women’s Care, we’re with you every step of the way to make you sure you and your baby make this journey smoothly. Whether you’re newly pregnant or your child is almost ready for their big debut, the summer months present some circumstances that you need to work around for your comfort and safety.

In the following, we’ve gathered together the most important tips we give to our patients in Arlington and McLean, Virginia, to help them weather the summer months with ease. In fact, you can consider this your summer pregnancy survival guide.

Hydrate, and then hydrate some more

When it comes to hydration, especially during the long, hot days of summer, we can’t underscore enough the importance of drinking plenty of fluids. When the mercury rises, your body needs more water than usual just to keep up with the amount you’re sweating out. Under normal circumstances, we recommend eight glasses of water a day. Now that you’re drinking for two, and you’re going through water much faster in the summer, we’re going to double this recommendation.

Be sure to have a water bottle with you at all times and keep sipping, even when you’re not thirsty. And if you’re out in the heat for any length of time, sip faster to replenish the fluids that are escaping as fast as you can put them in.

Hiding out

If there’s a particularly hot spell, we recommend that you hide out indoors when the sun is high. If the temperature goes up over 90°F, stick to air-conditioned rooms between 10am and 4pm to avoid the heat. This is a great time for you to relax and perhaps get some of those nesting chores out of the way. Prepare your nursery, read a book, or if you’re working, stick close to your desk and enjoy the cool office air.

Stay loose

One of the hidden benefits of pregnancy is that you no longer need to hold in your stomach for tight-fitting clothes. And this is doubly true during the summer months. Stick to long flowy dresses that allow air to circulate around your body. And be sure to wear fabrics that breathe and that are light in color so it deflects the heat.

Keep your feet up

As your pregnancy advances, you may experience some degree of fluid retention around your ankles and calves. This swelling can be especially pronounced in the heat of summer, so you should take every opportunity you can to elevate your feet to keep this puffiness to a minimum. Whether you’re on the couch or at the office, find a way to position your legs up high to prevent fluid from pooling in your lower extremities.

You may also want to cut back on salty foods, which encourage fluid retention.

Take plenty of naps

Speaking of putting your feet up, you should get in some sleep while you’re elevating your feet. Summer heat has a way of depleting your energy reserves, so rather than soldiering through, give in to the fatigue and take a nap whenever you’re tired. You and your baby will be glad for the much-needed rest.

Relax in a pool

One of the best ways to cool down during the summer is to spend as much time as possible surrounded by cool water. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, or a friend with a pool, immerse yourself often during the long summer months. Even a kiddie pool can provide some relief. You can also cool off with frequent showers.

The bottom line when it comes to surviving a pregnancy during the summer is to listen to your body. If you’re tired, get some rest. If you’re hot, find a way to cool off. You want to do all you can to make the road an easy one as you get ready to welcome your baby into the world.

For more summer pregnancy survival tips, please feel free to give us a call. Or you can schedule an appointment by filling out the online form on this website.

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