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Essure® is a birth control solution that's often well-suited for women who are finished having children. At Capital Women's Care in Arlington and McLean, Virginia, an experienced OB/GYN implants the Essure device in just one short on-site appointment. This type of permanent birth control requires no upkeep, and it's painless. Speak to a Capital Women's Care doctor about whether it's right for you.

Essure® Q&A

What is Essure?

Essure is a sterilization method performed as an in-office procedure at Capital Women's Care. Because Essure offers permanent birth control, it's best suited for women who don't want more children, or who are certain they don't want children.

How does Essure work?

Essure isn't a surgery but is instead a simple procedure in which your doctor inserts small plugs into your fallopian tubes. These plugs are soft, flexible, and comfortably situated in the right area.

The plugs work together with your body over the coming months to create a natural type of wall within the fallopian tubes. Once the Essure is fully established -- around three months in most cases -- you can rely on it for permanent birth control.

How will you know if the Essure has taken full effect?

After your Essure implantation, it's essential to continue with your current form of birth control until your follow-up visit. You'll return to Capital Women's Care in three months, at which time your doctor performs a test to verify that the Essure is working for pregnancy prevention.

How effective is Essure for pregnancy prevention?

Essure is exceptionally effective, better than 99% effective in pregnancy prevention. While this is comparable to other forms of birth control, for example, the IUD, Essure has the advantage of being permanent.

It's also easier to use than other birth control methods. There's no need to remember to take pills or to schedule visits with your OB/GYN for new devices.

Your doctor will check the Essure as part of your regular well-woman visits.

Who is a good Essure candidate?

Good Essure candidates meet the following general guidelines.

  • You're finished with family building, or don't want children at all
  • You want a permanent birth control solution
  • You want a non-surgical type of sterilization
  • You want to avoid hormone-based birth control

If you're not sure whether you're a good candidate for Essure, please feel free to speak to your Capital Women's Care OB/GYN about this birth control option. Your doctor is happy to help you determine whether Essure or another type of birth control works best for you.