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Telehealth Specialist

Capital Women's Care

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The team at Capital Women’s Care always strives to give you convenient access to personalized, high-quality care at their offices in Arlington, Virginia. But they know that traveling to either office isn’t always something you can accommodate. That’s why they offer telehealth appointments. To connect with your Capital Women’s Care provider via video call, schedule a telehealth appointment by calling either office or booking it online today.

Telehealth Q & A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a modern form of health care that Capital Women’s Care offers to help women get the easiest access possible to the care they need. With telehealth appointments, you can connect with your provider without needing to drive to either of the offices. 

Instead, you and your OB/GYN connect on a video call. This way, you can ask any questions you have, show them anything of concern, and discuss your treatment options together. 

Who uses telehealth?

The Capital Women’s Care team offers telehealth for all of their patients, but it generally best serves people in two situations: when they’re busy or feeling unwell. 

If you have a packed schedule and just don’t have time to drive to a doctor’s appointment or sit in a waiting room, even briefly, telehealth can help. 

With a telemedicine appointment, you simply need to be in front of an internet-connected device with a video camera (like a computer, cellphone, or tablet) at your appointment’s start time. The second you’re done with your call with your practitioner, you can get back to whatever your day has in store.

Telehealth also helps people who aren’t feeling well enough to drive to the office. With these video calls, you can still connect with your OB/GYN specialist to discuss symptoms or how a specific treatment is working, all from the comfort of your home. 

What kinds of services are available via telehealth appointments?

The team at Capital Women’s Care strives to make as many services as possible available via telemedicine visits. 

While there are hands-on services they simply can’t perform via this medium — Pap smears, for example — they can talk with you about any symptoms you’re experiencing and start to develop a treatment plan with you over your video call. 

When your OB/GYN determines the right treatment for you, they can call in a prescription, make suggestions for at-home self-care, or recommend when you need to come to the office for the in-person care you need. 

Telehealth also serves as an ideal way to stay connected with your provider as your treatment progresses. Doing remote follow-up visits can make appointments easier and more convenient for you. 

To learn more about how telehealth can help you connect with your Capital Women’s Care provider, call the nearest office or make a telehealth appointment online today.